21 years of programming experience. Covering a vast number of programming languages. Namely Basic, Fortran, Pascal, 16bit Assembler, MS Visual Basic v1-6 and some C/C++. Work is also done in MS Office products, where we find that this would be the more cost effective route for a customer.
We specialise mainly in systems which involve personnel. Payroll, Human resources & Labour broking. Other experience has also been gained in writing custom systems for clients which included Inventory Control, Barcode scanning, Database & Database front-end systems, Financial Analysis & Restaurant Management systems.

Operating Systems

All versions of MS-DOS 1.x-6.22, MS Windows® 9x, NT 3.xx, NT 4.xx, Windows® 2000 Professional, Windows® XP, Novell 3.1x, Novell IntraNetware 4.xx


Being a Category 5 ITT Canon certified installer for network cabling. Customers have occasionally called upon us to install networks and Servers which meet their requirements.
The LIVELY group sources equipment from many sources, our main supplier being Rectron, which is part of the Mustek group. We have found Rectron's service and quality to be of a high standard, this being the reason for choosing them as our main main supplier.
Should you require hardware, and would like a quotation. Give us a call or contact us